Health and Safety in Construction Projects
Legislation, Safety Plans, Occupational Health and Assessment

23 - 27 July 2017, Dubai Register
12 - 16 November 2017, Dubai Register

Any Construction Project requires a balanced view of what is required to be achieved as against the best and most efficient methods of work that will ensure the safety of both personnel and the environment. A project is essentially a collaborative enterprise that place responsibilities on all parties, from the owner to the contractor and subcontractor. All stages of a project require evaluation of the potential H&S risks that may develop.

This training course aims at setting the guidelines and knowledge base required to evaluate the project in H&S performance and avoid unnecessary delays.

Participants attending this training course will develop the following competencies:
  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Safety Management
  • Occupational Health
  • Common Construction Hazards and Controls
  • Pre-Construction Safety Reports

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